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Welcome to, Since 1999 Our services include publication of informative portal, training and mentoring in college readiness,college admissions and career planning. provide training for students through live, broadcast,and on-line classes, seminars and workshops specializing in the field of Medical Sciences,Engineering,Management and SAP. Empowering learning generation has been our mission since 1999.
Through portal and related services we have helped many around the world to land in their dream campus. We have conducted many class room based training(s) in SAP and project management. We are taking this to online because we realized that today’s workforce demand flexibility and want to train when and where they want and at their own pace. Our mission is to create the most comprehensive library of professional courses out there and make it affordable. We also provide you with the best rated courses in specialized subjects for FREE.

campusabroad's mission is to become a one stop solution for learners and educators; employers and skilled people. Our idea is simple, we provide means by which anyone and everyone can gain access to quality education and skills, thus making learning a continuous, lifelong process. We also provide our users with opportunities to connect with peers, experts, employers, and authors, in order to aid them in building their professional and personal networks.


CAMPSUABROAD.COM is a hub of learning, interaction, opportunity, and connection. It is a platform for learners, experts, academic and industry professionals, and recruiters to meet, gain and provide skills, and discover and hone talent. Here, one can learn both online and offline, get exposed to multiple levels of knowledge, and also pick up skills that will aid them in thinking, communicating, and surviving in today’s professional world.
- You can learn from expert teachers and professionals by means of digital courses, either online or offline, thus allowing you to learn from anywhere, anytime.
- You can create and share content, assess yourself through quizzes, and improve your critical thinking and communication skills.
- Everything you do will get recorded and quantified. Show your holistic assessment journal to prospective recruiters, so that your persistence and talent can be recognized and considered for jobs and internships.
- If you’re an author, teacher, an organization, or a professional, you can teach, guide, mentor, and even scope out talent. 

Our Team

CAMPUSABROAD.COM  is started by group of people who understand the value of education, who care for those who need and seek to learn, who know the current issues aligned with it, and aim to solve those issues.