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University of Virginia (UVA) is a research university, which grants a broad spectrum of degrees, from undergraduate to doctorate degrees. Moreover, research universities are known for producing large volumes of published research in academia. You will find a lot more research opportunities as an undergraduate from this institution compared to other school types.There are 24,297 students enrolled at University of Virginia (UVA), 15,762 of whom are undergraduates. Based on its population, University of Virginia (UVA) is one of the largest schools. This has several implications for student life and your academic experience, such as extremely large lecture sizes.As of 2013, University of Virginia (UVA) is ranked the #24 research university by US News. To calculate rankings, US News uses a methodology that includes indicators of academic excellence, such as undergraduate academic reputation, retention, faculty resources, student selectivity, financial resources, graduation rate, and endowment rate.University of Virginia (UVA) is ranked #36 out of 650 top schools as of 2012. To calculate rankings, Forbes uses a methodology that accounts for characteristics such as student satisfaction, post-graduate success, student debt, graduation rate, & nationally competitive awards. Rankings are only part of the story. Finding a college that fits your personality and lifestyle is often an even more important consideration.

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  1. Medicine-Health Professions

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  1. Under-Graduate



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